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[audio]Mother Jones Interview with Michael Franti - Mother Jones Radio

Keywords: Michael Franti; interview; spearhead; power to the peaceful
Downloads: 983
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-10-23: The Watched: How Electronic Surveillance Affects You - Mother Jones Radio
Who's watching you, and why? Fifteen thousand cameras watch the public in Manhattan alone. Parents track their kids' every move with GPS cell phones. These systems can combat crime, but they also combat your right to privacy. Editor Clara Jeffery and Lee Tein of the Electronic Frontier Foundation explain. Plus, we go on the road with "Adventure Divas" author Holly Morris. Finally, we wrap up with the first broadcast version of the Diddly Awards, Jack Hitt's salute to Congressional ineptness, stu...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; democratic party; privacy; surveillance; congress; Santorum
Downloads: 2,594
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-12-04: New Ways to Keep Big Bucks out of Politics - Mother Jones Radio
This week on Mother Jones Radio, guest hosts Peter Laufer and Mother Jones publisher Jay Harris make campaign finance interesting. How can we get real people like you to run for public office? How can we keep politicians from being tied to special interests? Nick Nyhart, director of Public Campaign, tells us how. Plus, Mother Jones contributor John Sugg gives us a glimpse into the Christian Reconstruction movement, which wants the United States to go back to Old Testament law...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; campaign finance; politicians; Christian
Downloads: 2,473
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 09-03-06: McKenzie Funk Interview - Mother Jones Radio
McKenzie Funk tells us the story of one falsely accused "enemy combatant" who spent almost two years at Guantanamo. Funk tells us how a young man selling pencils on the streets of Peshawar found himself bound, gagged, and on a plane to Cuba. Funk tells us about the detainee's worst week at Guantanamo. "They put him in what he calls the 'metal box'," says Funk. "It was a small metal box with some sort of metal coil in the roof...it was completely sealed...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; politics; detainee; Guantanamo
Downloads: 1,273
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-09-04: Hurricane Katrina: Why Was the Impact So Huge? - Mother Jones Radio
Despite what President Bush says, a disaster on the Gulf Coast has been predicted for years. We talk with journalist William Bunch, who says the Iraq war pulled funds away from flood prevention programs for New Orleans. Bunch documents the numerous news articles over the past years which predicted problems with levees and large-scale flooding, countering President Bush's claim that "I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees." We also talk with Mike Dunne of the Baton Rouge Advoc...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; bush; hurricane; katrina; levees; louisiana; military; new orleans; Baghdad; Iraq
Downloads: 2,416
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-02-05: How Will Hamas' Election Affect the Middle East? - Mother Jones Radio
What effect will the election of Hamas have on Israeli-Palestinian relations? History-savvy progressives Robert Dreyfuss and Mark LeVine disagree sharply on whether Hamas can work for peace. We'll also get recovery updates from New Orelans and Pakistan. Terry O'Connor, editor-in-chief of the New Orelans Publishing Group, gives us tentatively hopeful news about the city. Shaheen Chughtai, senior media officer with relief organization Oxfam International, checks in from Pakistan, where earthquake ...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; bush; hamas; israel; military; pakistan; palestine; state of the union
Downloads: 2,554
[audio]Mother Jones Radio: Morey Meniscus - Mother Jones Radio
If you like your news served up like fast-food Nuggets, Morey's Minute is sure to satisfy. Host Morey Meniscus (Yes, you've seen his byline in WeekTime magazine) is keenly aware that his next big scoop might be just around the corner, whether he knows it or not. With an established insider status that could only come from years of work as a cog in the Washington press machine, Morey has truly earned his reputation as a Mainstream reporter with a capital M! Yessir, when Morey approaches the beast...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; politics; Morey; Meniscus
Downloads: 477
[audio]Mother Jones Radio: Norquist Interview - Mother Jones Radio

Downloads: 23,617
[audio]Middle East Update; Conservativism's "Funding Father"; Pacifica Radio Archives - Mother Jones Radio
We begin this week with an update on events in Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East. University of San Francisco politics professor and peace and justice studies chair Stephen Zunes brings us up to date on the latest turmoil, including the assassination of a Christian cabinet minister in Lebanon. Plus, Mother Jones' current issue has a special focus on corporate social responsibility. While some companies are simply "greenwashing" their images by making minor changes to their environmental po...
Keywords: Lebanon; Middle East; greenwashing; corporate social responsibility; Interface; conservatives; Pacifica Radio
Downloads: 1,992
[audio]Mother Jones Radio: Full Audio of Debate Between Richard Pombo and Pete McClosky - Mother Jones Radio
Full Audio of Debate Between Richard Pombo and Pete McClosky. Date recorded: May 15, 2006.
Keywords: debate; Richard Pombo; Pete McClosky; California; Congress
Downloads: 481
[audio]Mother Jones Radio: 06-01-22: An "Economic Hit Man" Speaks Out - Mother Jones Radio
John Perkins describes himself as an economic hit man. For years, his job was to convince developing nations to take large loans for development projects, and then guarantee the projects would go to U.S. corporations like Halliburton. He exposes the "highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars" via "fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, and murder." Plus, after 35 years as Nebraska's only black state legislator, Er...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; halliburton; rigged elections; John Perkins; economic hit man
Downloads: 2,826
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-03-05: Port Security: Separating the Safety Issues from the Spin - Mother Jones Radio
It's the security, stupid! U.S. port security is so ineffective, ports could be run by Dubai or Donald Duck - cargo still wouldn't be screened properly. Matthew Brzezinski, author of "Fortress America: An Inside Look at the Coming Surveillance State," tells us the truth about the Dubai ports deal. Is it really a risk? What are the facts about port security in America, and how can we fix the gaps? Also, economist James Galbraith tells us that "quitting Iraq won't undo the real damage of war." The...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; environment; iraq; privacy
Downloads: 3,895
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-01-08: Bush's "Warrantless Wiretaps": Why Did the Times Delay the Story's Publication? - Mother Jones Radio
David Brock of press watchdog Media Matters turns a critical eye on the New York Times. Since the Times broke the story of the Bush administration's warrantless wiretaps, almost no one's been happy. Conservatives like Ann Coulter call the paper the "Treason Times;" progressives question why the story wasn't released sooner. Who's right? And what's the inside story behind the paper's decision to hold the scoop? Also, Republican congressman Walter B...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; wiretap; Bush; Iraq
Downloads: 2,388
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-08-14: Soldiers and Families Protest the War - Mother Jones Radio
Finally, military families' protest against the Iraq war has moved into the headlines. One bereaved mother camped out near George Bush's Texas ranch has helped focus attention on families' dissatisfaction with the war. Does Cindy Sheehan's protest in Crawford mean a turning point for America? Mother Jones Radio talks to Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-California), gets a live update from Baghdad correspondent David Enders, and checks in with veterans and military families who oppose the war...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; bush; iraq; military; Cindy Sheehan; anti-war
Downloads: 8,279
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-01-15: Rising Violence in Iraq; the Progressive Islamic Movement in America - Mother Jones Radio
Iraq correspondent David Enders first went to Iraq as a 23-year-old reporter who worked, un-embedded and unprotected, outside the relatively safe "Green Zone." But now he's back from a trip to Jordan, saying he decided against returning to Iraq because it has become too dangerous -- even for him. He tells us why. Plus, we'll talk about something you won't hear much about in the mainstream media: the progressive Islamic movement, including one woman's case that Mohammad was a feminist...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; iraq; islam; palestine; rights
Downloads: 2,106
[audio]Interview with Mel Goodman - Mother Jones Radio

Downloads: 2,030
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-07-23 - Mother Jones Radio
We talk to linguist George Lakoff, who argues that conservatives and liberals have very different definitions of the word "freedom." "There is a radically different and frightening notion of what extremists on the right call 'freedom' shaping our culture and our political life," he warns. Lakoff talks about the right's use of the word and decodes a July 7 statement by George Bush on "freedom" in Iraq...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; blog; politics
Downloads: 2,829
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-07-10: Can the Law Stop Domestic Violence? - Mother Jones Radio
Are police and lawmakers doing enough to stop domestic violence? We'll hear from Patricia Prickett, a domestic violence prevention advocate who has accompanied police on over a thousand domestic violence calls. We'll also hear from journalist Sara Catania, who writes about domestic violence in the July/August issue of Mother Jones. Plus, investigative journalist Peter Byrne exposes the military's new tactics for spying on American civilians...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; bush; domestic violence; military; pentagon; privacy; surveillance
Downloads: 2,991
[audio]Mother Jones Radio: John Laesch on Terrorism - Mother Jones Radio

Keywords: John Laesch; terrorism; politics; election
Downloads: 234
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-05-19: Why Mainstream Coverage of Global Warming Has Failed - Mother Jones Radio
In the premiere broadcast, Mother Jones Radio exposes junk scientists and pseudo-journalists who say global warming is a hoax - and who get millions of dollars from ExxonMobil. Investigative journalist Ross Gelbspan discusses why mainstream media coverage of global warming has failed. Chris Mooney, author of "The Republican War on Science," tells us how ExxonMobil is one of the last - and loudest - holdouts in the campaign to deny the dangers of global warming...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; Global warming; Oil; whistleblower
Downloads: 3,609
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-10-02: A Few Bad Apples? Detainee Abuse in Iraq - Mother Jones Radio
Is detainee abuse committed by a handful of soldiers, or is it a widespread problem in the military? Some military insiders say it's commonplace, and have gone public with the help of Human Rights Watch. We talk to HRW's senior military analyst, Marc Garlasco, who before 2003 spent seven years at the Pentagon as an intelligence analyst. Garlasco tells the story of three army officers who witnessed prisoner abuse, including the breaking of a detainee's legs with a baseball bat...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; detainees; military; pentagon; rights; scotus; torture; John Roberts; Supreme Court
Downloads: 6,534
[audio]TBD - Mother Jones Radio

Downloads: 17,229
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-06-25: Rep. John Conyers, "The War Tapes"; "Hotel Rwanda" Subject's New Book - Mother Jones Radio
This week's show: Representative John Conyers talks to us about Iraq and political corruption. With the bribery charges swirling around Democratic Rep. William Jefferson, can the Democrats continue to claim the political high road? Next, we meet Paul Rusesabagina, the hotel manager whose story inspired the movie "Hotel Rwanda." He weighs in about his new book and the current situation in Darfur. Plus: The directors of "The War Tapes" gave cameras to five American soldiers serving in Iraq, tellin...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; Iraq; politics; Darfur
Downloads: 3,235
[audio]TBD - Mother Jones Radio

Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; politics
Downloads: 2,806
[audio]Mother Jones Radio: Lakoff - Mother Jones Radio
An 18-minute interview with linguist George Lakoff, author of "Whose Freedom?: The Battle Over America's Most Important Idea." This is a longer version of the interview originally broadcast on Mother Jones Radio's July 23, 2006 show.
Downloads: 2,564
[audio]Mother Jones Radio: Klamath - Mother Jones Radio

Downloads: 2,992
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-01-29 - Mother Jones Radio

Downloads: 2,314
[audio]Mother Jones Radio: 2006 Take Back America Conference - Mother Jones Radio
Check out our interviews with Michael Kazin on populism, Mark Levine on net neutrality, and Amy Sullivan on progressive evangelicals. Plus, listen as our own Angie Coiro co-hosts the Peter B. Collins Show on day one and day two of the conference.
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; politics; progressive
Downloads: 5,653
[audio]9/11 Anniversary; Military Contractors; A is for Afro - Mother Jones Radio
On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, are we really making progress against terrorism? We speak with Matt Brzezinski, author of "Fortress America: An Inside Look at the Coming Surveillance State," about the Bush administration's mixed record on fighting terrorism. Plus, if George Bush won't enact emission caps to fight global warming, Arnold Schwarzenegger will. The Union of Concerned Scientists' Jason Mark looks into how the state of California is stepping up to fight global warming -- without the ...
Keywords: terrorism; Bush; Schwarzenegger; global warming; military contractors; Chicago
Downloads: 2,041
[audio]TBD - Mother Jones Radio

Downloads: 1,616
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-09-11: Katrina's Lessons: How the Disaster Shook Up the Media and Political Establishments - Mother Jones Radio
What has the political saga around Hurricane Katrina taught politicians, the media, and American citizens? When even Fox News reporters are angrily condemning the government's response, will the Bush administration retain any credibility? Judd Legum of the Center for American Progress' "Progress Report" discusses the media's coverage of FEMA's failure. University of Texas-Austin professor Robert Jensen, talks about race and the media in the wake of Katrina, whose victims in New Orleans were larg...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; 9-11; FEMA; bush; fox news; hurricane; katrina; military; new orleans; political satire; war veterans; military recruiters
Downloads: 2,866
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-07-24: Money and the Law - Mother Jones Radio
Angie Coiro takes a close look at Supreme Court nominee John Roberts. Does he fit the neocon profile of "business first, people last?" Washington correspondent Michael Scherer and People For the American Way president Ralph Neas tell us why Roberts might be "Scalia in wolf's clothing." Plus, we look how business took over Texas law so blatantly that it made a consumer activist out of a lifelong Republican...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; neoconservativism; palestine; scotus; John Roberts; Homeowners
Downloads: 2,824
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-08-07: The Right-Wing BS Machine - Mother Jones Radio
This week, we take a critical look at BS in politics and in our daily lives. Angie talks first to New York Times columnist Paul Krugman about the BS surrounding the Karl Rove investigation. He tells us he's learned that "if you say two plus two equals four, and that happens to be inconvenient for the Bush administration, then instantly you are a villain, a partisan hack and probably corrupt, and have questionable sexual practices." Next, Angie talks to Laura Penny, the author of "Your Call is Im...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; bush; cartoons; karl rove; Paul Krugman; New York Times; Mark Fiore
Downloads: 4,756
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-07-09: Soldiers Against the War; America's Embryo Glut - Mother Jones Radio
Increasing number of American soldiers are speaking out against the Iraq war. Peter Laufer talks about his new book, "Mission Rejected," which tells the stories of some of those soldiers. Also, artifical reproductive technologies have created a glut of unused frozen embryos -- 500,000 and rising. What should parents and the medical establishment do with them? Mother Jones correspondent Liza Mundy investigates...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; Iraq; embryo
Downloads: 1,927
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-06-04: Blogs and Politics; "How Would a Patriot Act?" - Mother Jones Radio
How do blogs affect politics, and how will that change in years to come? We probe the power of blogs as a progressive force -- how can they cause real political change? We hear from media analyst Jay Rosen, author of the blog PressThink. And we talk to Connecticut Democrat Ned Lamont, who's taking on Joe Lieberman in the Senate primary. Lamont's campaign has gained steam with help from blogs -- including his own...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; blog; politics
Downloads: 3,290
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-10-30: America's Least Wanted: Does the Government Want the Poor Back in New Orleans? - Mother Jones Radio
Does the federal government want lower-class black residents back in New Orleans? If so, where's their housing? Why are the rebuilding jobs going to Texas laborers working for Texas corporations? Why cut Medicare and Medicaid now, with evacuees already living on the edge? We hear from Roger Hickey, co-director of the Campaign for America's Future, and Bishop Sam Butler, who along with his wife and congregation renovated their former church building into a shelter for New Orleans families...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; drug war; evacuees; federal government; marijuana; medicaid; medicare; new orleans; political satire
Downloads: 1,909
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-11-27: Iraq Update: The U.S. Military's Use of Chemical Weapons - Mother Jones Radio
No matter what the administration says, it is using chemical weapons in Iraq, including white phosphorus. Another U.S. weapon in Iraq is so vicious the victims are buried in shoeboxes, says our Iraq correspondent David Enders. Also, documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald says the tide may be turning against Wal-Mart. Even small, conservative towns are voting the predatory giant out. Leo Hindery, author of "It Takes a CEO," explains how other large retailers are doing a better job of treating the...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; chemical weapons; iraq; wal-mart; white phosphorous
Downloads: 2,473
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-04-09: Daily Kos; Immigration; Do Liberals Dominate Higher Ed? - Mother Jones Radio
Markos Moulitasa Zuniga, the blogger behind Daily Kos, wants to boot out the "ineffective" Democratic Party establishment. We talk with one of the most popular progressive bloggers about his vision for a new movement: one "of the netroots, the grassroots, the unorthodox labor unions, the maverick big donors." Plus, conservative author David Horowitz debates Mark LeVine, who he calls one of the "most dangerous professors in America." Horowitz's new book attacks the dominance of progressives in ac...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; democratic party; iraq; mexico; tom delay; unions
Downloads: 2,553
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-02-12: A Diplomatic Solution to Iran's Nuclear Ambitions - Mother Jones Radio
What's the real story on Iran's nuclear ambitions? Former United Nations weapons inspector David Albright takes the threat very seriously. "How many countries are going to fall on their sword to get a nuclear power plant?" he asks. However, Albright also says there's still time for a solution based on diplomacy rather than military intervention. Plus, your occasional sleepless nights have become a jackpot for drug companies...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; UN; capitalism; david albright; drug companies; military; nuclear power; pentagon
Downloads: 1,757
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 2006-05-28: "Big Coal"; Juan Cole on the Middle East; Gold Mining in Alaska - Mother Jones Radio
Jeff Goodell, author of "Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America's Energy Future," has a reality check for George Bush on this week's show: "The idea of coal as an alternative fuel is hilarious. There is nothing alternative about coal. It's the rock that fueled the industrial revolution." Also, we meet Mother Jones' new Washington bureau chief James Ridgeway, fresh from the Village Voice. We check in with Mother Jones correspondent Ken Miller, whose article in the current issue looks at Alaska...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; coal; iraq; alaska
Downloads: 5,014
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-09-18: Helen Thomas on the Press; Student Leaders on Campus Activism - Mother Jones Radio
Helen Thomas, the "first lady of the press" who has covered the White House for 62 years, checks in with Angie about the state of the press after Hurricane Katrina. Will the press corps, newly re-energized after criticizing Bush's bungled response, stay on the ball? Or will the media lose their teeth as the memory of the hurricane fades away? We also chat with four student activists to watch out for...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; bush; Helen Thomas; hurricane; katrina; new orleans
Downloads: 2,035
[audio]Mother Jones Radio Bush Biography - Mother Jones Radio

Keywords: George W. Bush; Biography; Mother Jones; Radio
Downloads: 2,415
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-06-11: Is New Orleans Ready for the Next Hurricane?; Greg Palast; Kids in Mexican Border Jails - Mother Jones Radio
This season's first tropical storm was just announced off the Gulf Coast. Is New Orleans ready? Sue Sturgis of the Institute for Southern Studies says no. The institute's new report details how far behind the region is in preparing for the next big hurricane or storm. Also, progressive independent journalist Greg Palast explains why George Bush likes expensive oil. Palast says thet Bush likes it so much, he's turned down much cheaper stuff...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; Bush; oil; border; immigration; New Orleans
Downloads: 2,739
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 05-10-09: Justice DeLayed: Tom DeLay Finally Gets Nailed - Mother Jones Radio
This week on Mother Jones Radio, we're cutting through the blather on the indictment of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Mother Jones writer Lou Dubose explains the scandal behind the headlines. What's the evidence? Is DeLay's defense credible? And is Austin D.A. Ronnie Earle really the "partisan Democrat" that Republican talking points make him out to be? Plus, we talk with Dr. Price Cobbs, author of "My American Life: From Rage to Entitlement." Cobbs was the co-author of 1968's "Black Rage," w...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; tom delay; scandal; Republican; racism; White House
Downloads: 9,034
[audio]TBD - Mother Jones Radio

Downloads: 508
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-08-20: Lebanon Update; New Editors-in-Chief; the US-Mexico Border - Mother Jones Radio
Mother Jones Washington bureau chief James Ridgeway thinks Capitol Hill is overdue for the next blockbuster investigation. In his article "Sweet Subpoena," he outlines nine different issues Congress should investigate -- if it ever gets the guts. He tells us that Congress should check out "who's being surveilled, when did it start, what's the purpose of this, who's involved, and so on." Find out what other investigations top his list...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; Lebanon; politics; Mexico; border
Downloads: 3,221
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-05-21: A Veteran's Critical Look at the War; Corporations' "Hostile Takeover" of the Government; "Medical Racism?" - Mother Jones Radio
What would you do if you thought your government had been taken over by corporate interests, unaccountable officials, and extremists? We talk to several authors and thinkers who are taking on the current state of corruption. Iraq war veteran Paul Reickhoff talks about "Chasing Ghosts," which details how his experience in Baghdad led him to conclude that America's mission in Iraq was deeply flawed. Michael Newman explains "Teaching Defiance," which argues that education and activism are inextrica...
Keywords: Mother Jones Radio; corporate; extremists; corruption; Baghdad; Government; racism; Iraq; Africa
Downloads: 2,218
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 2006-09-24: The Future of the Republican Party; Veterans for Iraq Withdrawal - Mother Jones Radio
This week, we look at dissent within the Republican party and the military. First up, Republican leadership is divided over torture and the Geneva Conventions. Human Rights Watch's Joanne Mariner helps us sort out which congressional Republicans have stood up against the Bush administration's torture policies -- and why. "I think it's very relevant that the three Republicans who are fighting the Bush administration's approach are the three Republicans with probably the closest ties to the milita...
Keywords: Republican; Geneva Conventions; Human Rights; Bush; Iraq; Democrats; congress
Downloads: 2,259
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-02-26: Last Days of the Ocean - Mother Jones Radio
This week, we debut our special coverage on the future of the world's oceans. We talk with Julia Whitty, whose article "Fate of the Ocean" shows how humans are pushing seas to the brink. Whitty weighs in on what humans can do to reverse the massive ecological changes we've put in place. Plus, how did Achmed Chalabi con the New York Times into believing Saddam was training foreign fighters to hijack airplanes? He presented them with a defecting Iraqi "general" -- who turns out to be a complete fa...
Keywords: Mother Jones; Radio; Interview; bush; environment; hijack; iraq
Downloads: 4,289
[audio]Mother Jones Radio 06-04-30: Rising Gas Prices; 200 Years of Human Rights; Chemical Weapons Disposal - Mother Jones Radio
"End of Oil" author Paul Roberts talks about rising oil and gas prices, and what they mean for consumers and politicians. Are cheap oil prices ever coming back? "No," he says bluntly. "We'll see prices spike and probably drop occasionally, but the average price of oil is very likely going to remain much higher than it's been for the past two decades." Plus, we speak with Craig Williams, one of the winners of the 2006 Goldman environmental awards...
Keywords: Mother Jones Radio; Oil; peak oil; environmental; chemical weapons; immigrants
Downloads: 2,244
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